List of Appendices

Appendices are available in the Investor Relations section of the Company’s website.

  1. Appendix 1 Report on Compliance with the Corporate Governance Code Recommended by the Bank of Russia
  2. Appendix 2 Governing and Control Bodies (in Russian)
  3. Appendix 3 Risk Management (in Russian)
  4. Appendix 4 Actual Results of Compliance with Instructions and Directives of the President of the Russian Federation and Instructions of the Government of the Russian Federation (in Russian)
  5. Appendix 5 All Forms of PJSC Rostelecom’s Participation in Commercial and Non-Commercial Organisations (in Russian)
  6. Appendix 6 List of Material Transactions Performed by PJSC Rostelecom and Its Controlled Entities in 2018 (in Russian)
  7. Appendix 7 Information on Meetings of the Board of Directors (in Russian)
  8. Appendix 8 Disposal of Non-Core Assets in 2018 (in Russian)
  9. Appendix 9 Information on Signed Agreements for Sale and Purchase of Interests, Shares and Units in Business Partnerships and Companies (in Russian)
  10.  Appendix 10 Sponsorship and Charity (in Russian)
  11. Appendix 11 Additional Information on PJSC Rostelecom (in Russian)