Key events of 2018


23 January 2018

Rostelecom created the Geodata Information System (GIS) for the Arkhangelsk Region

25 January 2018

Rostelecom signed an agreement with the Moscow Government on telemetry transmission from special vehicles


13 February 2018

Rostelecom signed an agreement with TechnoServ Cloud on traffic monitoring and DDoS protection services

19 February 2018

Rostelecom introduced the first beta version of the Unified Biometric System

22 February 2018

Fitch affirmed Rostelecom’s investment grade rating of BBB- with a stable outlook


1 March 2018

Rostelecom invested in Sailfish, a mobile operating system developer

6 March 2018

Rostelecom placed bonds for RUB 10 billion at 7.15% p.a.

18 March 2018

Rostelecom provided video surveillance at Russia’s presidential election

21 March 2018

Rostelecom announced its updated Strategy 2022 and the new Dividend Policy for 2018–2020

21 March 2018

Rostelecom named Regional Supporter of the 2018 FIFA World Cup

21 March 2018

Rostelecom, Nokia, and the Skolkovo Foundation launched the first open pilot zone for the next-generation 5G network in Russia


9 April 2018

Rostelecom doubled the capacity of its Transit Europe–Asia terrestrial cable system


21 May 2018

5G pilot zone opened in Innopolis

22 May 2018

Rostelecom acquired 100% of Solar Security, a technological leader in target monitoring and information security management products and services

23 May 2018

Rostelecom, the State Hermitage, and Ericsson launched a 5G pilot zone


6 June 2018

The Russian Ministry of Construction, Housing, and Utilities and Rostelecom signed a cooperation agreement to jointly implement Smart City projects

18 June 2018

Rostelecom’s Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting was held; the dividend per share was determined at RUB 5.05; the new Board of Directors and Audit Commission were elected; the auditor was approved

22 June 2018

ACRA affirmed Rostelecom’s rating of АА(RU) with a stable outlook


2 July 2018

The Unified Biometric System launched in Russia


30 August 2018

Rostelecom launched the Videoserver cloud service


4 September 2018

Rostelecom and the Russian Ministry of Energy signed a cooperation agreement

6 September 2018

Rostelecom and Yandex launched a joint tariff with a 12 Tb cloud storage

10 September 2018

Rostelecom provided video surveillance on the Single Election Day

24 September 2018

Rostelecom and Nokia established a joint venture to develop innovations

26 September 2018

Rostelecom presented new digital services and its new brand


14 November 2018

Rostelecom launched a Unified Cyber Security Platform

21 November 2018

3GPP consortium confirmed compliance of Rostelecom’s 5G pilot zone with its latest standards


14 December 2018

Rostelecom acquired LLC Start2Com, a leading developer of billing solutions

19 December 2018

Rostelecom sold the Central Telegraph building on Nikitsky Lane

24 December 2018

The Extraordinary General Shareholders’ Meeting approved the payment of an interim dividend of RUB 2.5 per share for the nine months ended 31 December 2018

26 December 2018

Sberbank and Rostelecom made contributions to the capital of a commercial real estate developer

27 December 2018

Rostelecom successfully completed the first stage of testing quantum communications equipment for its network